The wizards of Ore

Hmnnnnn! Ore, Ore, Ore, how many times did I call Ore? Ore has been a very notorious town for years now for just one reason and has refused to change.

Even a foreigner who has traveled by road through the Lagos- Benin highway to the South may not know that there is a State such as Ondo or its capital Akure but will know Ore which is just a transit town in the state.

This town, dominated mainly by non indegenes of Ondo State has been labeled notorious due to activities of a group of men I chose to refer to as Association of Operators of Witchcraft Towing Vans and Mechanics. Even a good acronym cannot be formed from this association. No surprise!

It has gotten to the extent that if you are traveling to the East or South in general, once you leave Ogun State, or you leave Edo State that is if you are coming from the South, you begin to make silent or even loud prayers to subdue these wizards otherwise, your vehicle will find itself in their den – towed of course with the demonic vans.

A lot of people including myself have fallen victim in the hands of these 419 towing van operators and their mechanic accomplices, such that one no longer needs to wonder why vehicles always broke down at Ore.
You see the vans moving about like hawks eying their preys and once any vehicle develops a fault, they land almost from no where. If you are observant, you’ll wonder where they came from and how they were able to ‘respond’ so quickly. The worst mistake the owner of the vehicle will make is to allow his vehicle towed to their ‘mechanic’ workshop. Be sure to pay through your nose for little or no fault at all. And be absolutely sure of spending the entire day with them. Manipulation isn’t it?

I’ll give you an example. Mr Kenneth Amadi was traveling back to Lagos from the East with his family and of course got to Ore and his car came to a halt after a loud sound came from the engine area. He got out of the car to check what was wrong. Lo and behold a towing van was already there. All efforts to get the car moving failed so it was towed to a nearby mechanic workshop. The mechanic observed the car and said it’s chains were shattered and must be replaced. He actually brought out pieces of broken chain from the bonnet.

Prisca Sam-Duru
Prisca Sam-Duru

They quoted a price that Amadi couldn’t cough out besides he thought it was outrageous. It was already getting to 6pm. So Amadi was left with the choice of towing his car to Lagos to ensure his family’s safety.
Days later, he contacted his mechanic who minutes after checking out the bonnet, asked Amadi to start the car. You can’t believe it started! It happened that the chain only disconnected from its normal position. It became clear to him that the pieces of broken chain weren’t from his car.

Similar stories of travellers who have been duped by these towing van operators, abound.

Another strategy they employ is, once a vehicle is approaching, they begin to flag it down, pointing towards the tyres. If the driver is a novice, he will stop. And before he gets out of the vehicle, they will quickly pour some kind of oil on the wheel cover to make the driver believe something has gone wrong. Before you know it, the ‘affected’ tyre will be loosed. You can guess the rest of the story but be sure that the vehicle owner must pay dearly before he can have his vehicle back.

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Ore! Government needs to put an eye on the activities of these towing van operators. They are making life unbearable for travellers whose vehicles breakdown.

Towing vans and mechanic workshops are very necessary on highways but please not this Association of Operators of Witchcraft Towing Vans and Mechanics.


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