The richest condolence messenger

BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru: The richest condolence messenger

Nigeria is a land endowed with abundant human and natural resources don’t mind the bitter fact that these resources have not been harnessed properly due to bad governance.

Human beings truly are insatiable. This I guess is the reason the country has added to her abundant resources, enough doses of condolence messages- enough to earn her the richest condolence messaging country.

Nigeria is bleeding seriously and all we hear is the President has sent a condolence message to this state and that state following an attack by terrorists. Most often as well, after each attack by Boko Haram, Herdsmen and or Bandits, all we hear is the president or presidency has condemned the attack on a town in Borno or Taraba and other states. I beg my country people, is this how the war against terrorism will be fought and won? Isn’t the presidency supposed to be ashamed of sending condolence messages by now? If it is not, we Nigerians are. The condolences do not make any impact anymore.

What is wrong with Nigeria? Why is it so difficult for the leaders to sit at a round table, tell themselves the bitter truth about this British contraption called Nigeria and then fashion out a workable strategy to rescue it from bleeding to death? This country is already sleepwalking towards doom and the rulers are comfortable with sending condolence messages.

Recently, during the last Easter celebration to be precise, there was an attack on worshipers in Siri Lanka which left 258 people dead. The next thing we heard was the President Maithripala Sirisena, declaring a state of emergency which was later extended by 30 days as he cited public security. We also heard about the over 100 suspects arrested following the attack. Also, the Police Chief resigned. This is over four years since terrorists’ attacks got to a crescendo yet no security chief has resigned or replaced. How will they believe that they are incompetent and then resign when even the Chief Security Officer of Nigeria, President Buhari believes the security guys are losing weight therefore they are working hard? The irony of it all is, while the president feels the security chiefs are losing weight, terrorists, bandits, armed robbers, kidnappers, herdsmen and other criminal elements terrorising Nigeria, are gaining weight.

Few days ago, it was reported that Boko Haram unleashed their usual mayhem through suicide bombing in Borno State, leaving over 30 dead. The next thing we saw on both broadcast and social media were news and photographs of a dinner event hosted by President Buhari in honour of the elected leaders of the 9th Assembly. Which country does that? When a day or days of mourning should have been declared for the victims, the president was busy winning and dinning with the National Assembly, for what reason? Does it not bother them that if the spate of bloodshed in the country is left to continue, they might end up not having a people to govern?

BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru: The richest condolence messenger
Prisca Sam-Duru

I just tire for Naija! This is typical of the proverbial man who is busy chasing rat when his house is on fire. Imagine that instead of concentrating on how to wake the country up from its current comatose, the presidency concerned itself with hearing from former President, Dr Olusegun Obasanjo why he refused to attend the inauguration of June 12 as Democracy Day. Is this a result of dementia? When has it become a must that someone must attend an event?  And how is Obasanjo’s non attendance to the ceremony contributing to the woes of the country? Oh! I forgot that that will make up the object for another round of blame game. Anyway, I just feel that it’s all a ploy to pitch a people against their own otherwise, what? And tomorrow they’ll begin to harass innocent citizens for hate speech.

It has become obvious that terrorists’ attacks are no longer a northern affair. We’ve heard stories of series of kidnappings, rape and murder by suspected herdsmen, in the South West and few parts of the East. People are no longer safe while travelling by road especially the Ibadan, Ore, Edo etc express roads for fear of being kidnapped and or murdered. Isn’t that the way it all began in the North? Like play like play as we say in Naija parlance, the attackers grew into uncontrollable monsters. When Governor Ayodele Fayose was in office, he was very firm with the Fulani Herdsmen in Ekiti State, they were tamed! But what happened few weeks ago? A woman was said to have been beheaded by the demonic herdsmen.

Somehow, some things about these demons are incomprehensible to me. Are these monstrous killer-herdsmen invisible? I understand they stay in the forests, those forests aren’t states supposed to have a map of their areas and be able to locate the hideouts of the demons? There’s hardly any news of arrests after each attack meanwhile we hear that the terrorists go in large numbers, as many as 20 upwards. It’s baffling that bandits would attack a whole village or town for hours and yet there’s neither rescue of victims nor arrest of culprits.

As many have alleged, there seems to be a conspiracy of silence and I believe that no man who believes that there is a grand plan to fulanise Nigeria, should be condemned.

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I’ve watched a lot of foreign movies whereby a researcher or scientist creates a pet or experiments with an object, only for the result of his research or experiment to turn into a monster. The monster first devours its maker and then turns to the people and begins to unleash mayhem on them. The monsters created by Nigerian politicians, terrorising the people of Nigeria, have become uncontrollable. We no longer buy the story that they have been technically defeated, so what next? All Nigerians want now is action from the government. Many have also alleged that it was Boko haram insurgents that metamorphosed into Herdsmen and then Bandits. As far as it is not certain yet, I guess government can begin by insisting that cow owners build ranches for their cows. It is done in other countries. If ranches are built by cow owners, then the herders will have no reason to move about letting their cows destroy people’s farms. They will be no case of killing people and raping women as well.

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Does it not bother the government, and those fuelling these attacks on farmers and villagers that the prices of food stuffs are skyrocketing beyond the reach of the masses? And that if terrorists are not stopped in their present deadly track, that a time may come when Nigeria may have to begin importing even pepper, vegetables, tomatoes etc.

Enough of this passivity! A stitch in time they say, saves nine. President Buhari must as a matter of urgency, do the needful and ensure that lives and properties of Nigerians are secured.


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