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The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria

Fashion has been a pivotal part of our world. It is a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people. I particularly see fashion as inventing and re-inventing of dress materials for the sole aim of covering one’s nakedness totally. Basically, the sole reason clothing was invented was to cover nakedness- to make the vital parts of the body meant to be private, private.

I read the piece of advice Mohammed Ali gave to his daughters when they visited him wearing clothes that were not modest. When they finally arrived, he looked at them and said, “Everything that God has made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get. Where do you find diamond? Deep in the ground, covered and hard to get. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you get Gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers of rock. You have got to work hard to get them”. Ali further said, “Your body is sacred. You are far more precious than diamonds and pearls and you should be covered too”

The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria.
The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria.

It’s really saddening that a lot of people believe that the term “fashion” depicts exposing the vital parts of the body making the private, public.

Most indecent dressers are often influenced by peer group, who lure them into dressing in a way that they would ordinarily not want to dress. Their friends tell them that dressing to kill and make men go bonkers is the order of the day. Some say, you must dress to look attractive and smashing, they say if those vital organs are not showcased, men won’t see them as being attractive. Most young folks are overly glued to the fashion and entertainment industry. They see some so-called celebrities on their television screens who dress almost nude to shows and public functions, near-naked women are featured in musical videos, and these young folks who do not have a mind of their own, copy blindly, and see it as what is trendy.

In economics, a scare product, not readily available becomes valuable and expensive, but a product that is littered everywhere cannot be valuable or expensive. It is cheezy and priced down. Little wonder why men flagrantly disrespect some ladies.

I remember an incident that would live with me for the rest of my life. I went out that day to purchase my JAMB form at Ikeja, south-western Nigeria. My life then was still characterized by youthful exuberance. Wanting to fit in, I had to sag my trousers just like the picture above. I confidently walked past some ladies on my way into the bank feeling like a “bigger boy”. I arrogantly walked into the bank premises and casually greeted the security man who happens to be in his late 60’s. This old man looked at me with a puzzled look, he called me and said, “My son, this your trouser is almost falling, what’s wrong?” I was so embarrassed because there were lots of young ladies there, so I had to reply that my belt is faulty. But it was obvious that what I said was a lie. The people present, especially the ladies all looked at me and laughed me to scorn. I had to put up a bold face and went in. Frankly speaking, that scenario played back in my mind till I got home. I wondered why I had to dress insanely to be fashionable. I imagined if great men who made indelible impact in life dressed insanely to be fashionable. I however made up my mind to always dress decently rather than rascally.

The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria.
The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria.

It is imperative to note that most of these dressings have nothing to do with our culture rather are products of westernization. Its unfortunate that those who indulge in such crazy fashion do so without considering our culture. They do not even mind if it suits them or not.

Sagging for instance they say, originated from US prison inmates. Whatever led to their sagging is imaterial but the truth remains that it makes one look irresponsible. We copy dress styles we see on TV especially from Western world not knowing the origin and the peculiarity of their environment. Besides, those are costumes. They dress decently for the office or formal events.

I heard a story of an individual who dressed indecently and had dreadlocks.  As she walked by, a mentally derailed man approached her path, with natural dreadlocks as a result of his condition and was decked with tattered clothes synonymous to rags. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders, were around there observing and comparing her with the mad man. Some of them shouted and said, “See your brother, see your brother, una resemble” hmmmmmm…

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Just recently, my younger sister called me to tell me of how strict her university is about dressing. Anyone who dresses indecently is however sent back by the dressing marshals who were stationed at the gate. Not too long, I heard of a particular University in Nigeria which suspended some students for dressing insanely. This is however the right step in the right direction. This must be maintained if we are serious about curbing extreme fashion insanity that has eaten deep into the fabric of our society.

Parents also have their fair share in this prevalent indecent dressing. I am taken aback when I see parents dress their kids indecently. You see little children wearing very tight and short shirts, tops that reveal their belly, upon tight trousers. You wonder why parents will do this. Since some parents dress in a manner that exposes, all vital parts of the body that need to be concealed, children tend to follow their steps, hence, they continue on the indecent dressing track, seeing this kind of dressing as a way of life.

A lot of unpalatable results have been recorded as a result of fashion insanity. Some of these includes:  lncrease in the rate of rape cases. Most morally bankrupt men capitalize on this to rape women. By default, men are moved by what they see, hence a morally unstable man will just be swayed and be triggered by this insane dressing which may lead to rape.

The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria.
The Prevalent Fashion Insanity in Nigeria.

· Part of the high rate of divorce and separation can be attributed to the concentration on the externals rather than the internal. I have heard a man who said that he asked a girl out all because he was attracted by the protruding top of her cleavages. Can you beat that? This, I can say has been a driving force for some men who end up taking some women to the altar, but few weeks later, they get tired after feeling like they’ve seen it all. They were driven by what was frequently advertised to them.

· Disrespect and disregard. This is prevalent. Successful women who are well respected in the society never dress insanely. You can never be respected and well regarded if you are constantly dressing indecently. You will obviously be addressed the way you dress. Imagine the story of the lady I shared above who was booed by motorcycle riders because of her indecent dressing.

· Mistaken Identity. You could be mistaken to be a tout due to the way you dress. Some young stars have been embarrassed on the road by law enforcement agents all because they were mistaken for yahoo boys. And the ladies? It will be a huge embarrassment for a lady to be called a prostitute all because of the way she dressed.

Dear friends, I have seen people and even some celebrities who dress fashionably decent and not having to expose vital organs. You need to value your body. You don’t need to dress to make people fall. Be an individual who is sanely fashionable and decent.

Be fashionably decent!




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