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Suicide, Not an option

Suicide, the act of intentionally causing one’s own death, has indeed been on the rise in recent times in Nigeria.

According to Wikipedia, the most common method of suicide varies between countries, and is partly related to the availability of effective means. Common methods of suicide include hanging, pesticide poisoning, and firearms. In Nigeria, the use of sniper, a pesticide, has been the commonest and easiest method.

According to reports, suicides resulted in 828,000 global deaths in 2015, an increase from 712,000 deaths in 1990. Recently in Nigeria, suicide rate has become popular and indeed on the rise. This makes suicide the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.

Approximately 0.5% of people die by suicide. Three quarters of suicides globally occur in the low and middle income countries.  Rates of completed suicides are generally higher among men than among women, ranging from 1.5 times as much in the developing world to 3.5 times in the developed world.

Suicide is generally most common among those over the age of 70; however, in certain countries, especially Nigeria those aged between 15 and 30 are at the highest risk.

Two prominent cases of suicide in the Bible.

First of the most popular suicide case was that of Judas Iscariot who committed suicide after he betrayed Christ and sold him for 30 pieces of silver. Another is the case of Ahithophel who committed suicide after he saw that his counsel was not followed. It was recorded that he set his house in order, and hanged himself.

A lot of cases have been reported in Nigeria lately.

A popular Lagos-based disc jockey killed himself after leaving a note on his Instagram before carrying out the act. Few days before that, a 300 level student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, committed suicide in her hostel after also leaving behind a suicide note.

Again, a senior lecturer with the Biological Sciences Department of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, committed suicide, after it seemed like he had issues with his marriage.

A recent case is that of a 400-level student of the Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), identified as Chukwuemeka Akachi who, allegedly committed suicide, using  sniper.
In 2017, a student of University of Lagos, identified as Ariyibi Ayomide, a student of the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management took her own life after her roommates booed her for stealing make-up and clothes.
Also, there was a report of a man who told his driver to park on the Third Mainland Bridge under the guise that he wants to ease himself, only for him to jump into the lagoon.

Somewhere in Ekiugbo community in Delta State, a teenage girl aged 18, Loveth, consumed three bottles of Sniper, because she couldn’t meet JAMB’s cut-off mark for studying the course of her choice- Medicine.

  Reasons for suicide

Some suicides are impulsive acts due to stress, such as from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or bullying. Those who have previously attempted suicide are at a higher risk for future attempts.

In Nigeria, common amongst other reasons suicide is on the rise is unresolved Marital Issues. The rate of divorce is indeed on the rise, hence, a lot of unresolved marital issues are piled up and perpetually unresolved. Every marriage has its own challenges, hence, if not properly handled, can lead to marital crises. Infidelity is also another cause. It was reported that a man committed suicide because his wife cheated on him, hence he could not stand the shame.

Discouragement as a result of life issues and challenges that seem unsurmountable.
Life is indeed not a bed of roses, so life challenges are inevitable. But these life issues can be so overwhelming so much that some people can’t handle it, and so, they feel death is the only way out. This however, prompts suicide and suicidal tendencies.

Shame and Humiliation.

Some people engage in some unholy act or perhaps shady deals which if caught, leads to damaged reputation. This damaged reputation and fear of what people will think and say about them, leads to suicide. They can’t stand the shame and extreme humiliation that naturally smash their ego into pieces.

Economic challenges, abject poverty, and sky-rocketed debt profile have been named the biggest reason for suicidal tendencies.

Suicide, Not an option
Suicide, Not an option

Poverty has a way of extremely affecting ones reasoning, one becomes trapped in the web of lack, humiliation and shame. A father can’t pay school fees. Provision of good food and family upkeep for the family have however, become a tall task. Some people in this situation who end up committing suicide focus on the hopelessness in the situation, hence the final answer and the only way out is Suicide.

All the above mentioned lead to depression which is the express route to suicide and suicidal tendencies.

How can one take “first flight” out of this land of Suicide and extreme hopelessness or how can one advice someone in this state?

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. Speak out! Don’t die in silence. A closed mouth they say is a closed destiny. Your life might just become better and far away from suicidal thought and tendencies if you try to open up to someone. I mean someone you can trust. Don’t forget that a problem shared is half solved. Bottling up issues can’t be a solution but a fast route to destruction. Some people’s lives have become decorated with exceptional breakthroughs, miracles and triumph solely because they spoke to the right person.

· Have a mind-set that whatever you are passing through is not new, it has happened to people before. Always remember that every problem has an expiration date, it has a lifespan, and won’t last. Never believe that your situation is hopeless. Remember, after a setback, there’s always a comeback for you to exit whatever overwhelming situation you find yourself in.

· Feed your mind with the word of God. By default, human is not wired to be void, hence if you don’t fill your mind with the undiluted word of God, the devil will help you fill it especially with thoughts of  hopelessness, discouragement and suicide- these are however the ingredients that make up the devastating act of suicide. Sincerely feeding, meditating and digesting God’s word has been proven to be a fantastic way to combating suicidal tendencies.

Dear friends, talk to someone today, People are passing through a lot, care for someone today, make someone smile today, let them have a reason to live again rather than embracing suicide.

We need YOU, hence suicide is never an option!

Olaoluwa OLAJIDE



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1 comment

Lowo O June 7, 2019 at 10:02 am

Good thoughts there dear writer.

It’s important to note that we owe our lives to God not man. So a short of human expectations should not lead anyone to suicide.

There is a ready Big Hand that turn the tide – God.

Unarguably, the perceived indifference from family & friends perhaps from their ever busy & burdened hearts makes for a relative taciturnity to loud cries of help from potential felo-de-se, and is a major setback to containing the incidence of this self-destruction acts.

A reported story line of the deceased UNN undergraduate is one. He had reportedly mention his suicidal attempts… Friends only ‘like’ and tardily and lightly comment on his face book page… Till it happened. He last wrote “I did not drown, I am the water”

We all need more care, close & positive affiliations, improved economy, better health emergency care services, and more importantly, a personal relationship with the Lord.


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