When I first heard about Ghana-must-go, I didn’t quite understand what it meant or what was happening because I was young, not until it became the name of a particular sack. Why that particular kind of sack has since been named Ghana-must-go isn’t actually the subject of our discussion today.

We are here to ponder on why that name mysteriously transformed into Nigeria-must-go, suddenly.
You know sometimes, some things are really baffling. Can you imagine Ghana of all countries, deporting Nigerians?

Nigeria-Must-Go BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru
Nigeria-Must-Go BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru

Till date, Nigerians are not safe in South Africa. In fact, just this morning (Monday, August 5th, 2019), we heard the news of a Nigerian taxi driver who was shot dead in South Africa.  Before, the xenophobia affected Nigeria and some other African countries but it looks like the beasts in South Africa have concentrated on killing Nigerians only. So at the end of the day, we can manage to say that Ghana is still better because they sent our brethren home in peace but South Africa makes sure the corpses of their victims are hardly identified. In all of this, one sad thing that may never go away is the fact that Nigeria contributed so much in ending apartheid in South Africa yet, they treat us in such despicable manner.

Who did this to us? I mean, na who do us dis tin? That’s a question we won’t stop asking. Why are foreign countries no longer respecting Nigerians? And why is Nigeria not doing anything to earn back her respect. There’s nothing as disheartening as initially a race, you kick off first and all of a sudden, those who started after you now turn around to urge you to keep trying to run. This is where Nigeria has found herself.

All over the world Nigerians are treated with disdain and those in Asia in particular will tell them in the face that they can do anything to them and Nigerian government will not do anything about it. That is how bad it is. Yes, you need to listen to some of our people overseas. Even here at home, there are Nigerians who are slaves to companies and expatriates by reason of the kind of jobs they do and the amount they are paid. In case you must know, as a fresh graduate, I was once paid 3,500naira by an Indian company here in Lagos, and I know many who still earn such ridiculous amount all because there are no jobs. At the end, due to high rate of unemployment, killings and insecurity, Nigerians run away from home only to face worse situations in their host countries.

What are concerned authorities doing about these deportations and killings of Nigerians abroad, you may want to ask. What else?, if not the same thing they do each time such events occur even in the country; condemn the act and warn that Nigeria will not tolerate such occurrence again. If I have lied then check out reports on national dailies regarding the subject matter. I will give an example.

Following the deportation of  Nigerians  from Ghana, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana Michael Abikoye was said to have described the deportation of 723 Nigerians by the Ghana Immigration Service, GIS, from Ghana between 2018 and 2019, as an “Improper act”

The deportees were said to have been involved in cyber crimes, prostitution and illegal stay. Abikoye was quoted as saying, “Although the GIS had linked prostitution and cybercrime as some of the reasons for the deportation, it is improper to deport Nigerians for alleged illegal stay in Ghana.” He warned that any maltreatment of Nigerians will not be tolerated by the Nigerian government. There ends the news! Granted that some Nigerians have taken to crime abroad, is that enough to treat every Nigerian as a fool? Are there not countries with bad records whose citizens are residing in Nigeria and are walking freely?

If I may ask, the women still selling agonyin beans In Nigeria (after Ghana-must-go era), do they have visas? Are all Ghanaians in Nigeria legally staying here? I think it’s high time this country woke up to understand that most often, if action is not merged with words, others will take you for a ride. No one fears a toothless bulldog!

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It is ironical that while Nigerians are running away from their countries, and African countries are also deporting her citizens, the government is said to be spending scarce fund to register foreigners; not withstanding how over populated the country is.

Nigeria-Must-Go BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru
Nigeria-Must-Go BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru

Its baffling why up until today, Nigeria has not taken action against South Africa. Aren’t there diplomatic ways of handling such diplomatic issues anymore? Why has our country not taken action against South Africa and why has the South African government not called their police who watch while Nigerians are killed, to order? Somehow it looks like Nigeria is afraid of taking decisive action against these countries humiliating her and I can’t say why.

Well, I believe two things are needful here. The Nigerian government must be prepared to take diplomatic sanction against any other country that humiliates her citizens. And whereby they are afraid to do so, the next option is to end the exodus of Nigerians to foreign lands cum encourage the return of her citizens to join in the development of the country. This could be achieved if the government makes honest efforts to end corruption, stop looting of our national treasury by individuals and organisations irrespective of party affiliations, judiciously use all recovered stolen funds, and create employment and enabling environment for business and investment to thrive so as to revive our economy, fix power, etc. Failure to revive Nigeria economy and improve the standard of living of Nigerians, will see more people migrate to foreign countries, and this means more deportations from Libya, Ghana, other Africa countries as well as the West. And if care is not taken, soon and I mean soon, even Niger and Benin Republics will begin to deport Nigerians illegally occupying their fatherland.


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