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My mission to liberate people from socio political, economic bondage is my passion

Mrs Mordi Nkem Chibogu Kenneth

By Lolo Ayaba

Mrs Mordi Nkem Chibogu Kenneth is a senatorial aspirant, vying under the auspices of the United Progressive Party (UPP). She is representing Lagos West District at the Red chambers.

In this exclusive interview with Newsbeats , the bold, beautiful and intelligent lady seek the support of Lagosians as she pledges to bring ‘Character’, ‘Capacity’ and ‘Competence’ to Lagos West senatorial district, expressing how mission to liberate the people from socio political and economic slavery, and much more, is her passion.

When and how did you get involved in politics?

How I got into politics isn’t too important a question to ask…I have said so because anyone who is really interested in making things work in his or her country is free to take the bull by the horn
Am interested in my country Nigeria and interested in giving the people the dividend of democracy, in other to get it done I have decided to represent the good people of Lagos senatorial west. Taking up the duty of representation, gives a larger platform to reach out to more people.
Also I have watched my husband who has being in politics over 30 years closely differentiating politics from charity. He is my mentor and has empowered many lives politically.

Don’t you think vying through a relatively unknown platform limits your chances at the polls?

Mrs Mordi Nkem Chibogu Kenneth
Mrs Mordi Nkem Chibogu Kenneth

What do you mean by an unknown platform? Any party recognised and registered by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) isn’t unknown it’s for the masses to open their hearts, eyes and make sure they elect based on capacity, and competency not just party.

Aren’t you scared been in a male dominated field, where politics is played dirty?
Scared! How? Being a woman is off it because we all know that what a man can do a woman can do 100fold better.

What is your campaign strategy to reach out to the electorates?

I chose door to door campaign because I actually wanted to get to the grass roots, the poor masses who are not on social media, the literate and most especially to safe guard my good people of Lagos West from dangers of rallies and campaigns on the streets of Lagos with what is happening now killings, death tolls just keep increasing because of campaign. I decided to go to their homes to talk to them it’s safer and it’s more of me being a smooth operator.

How effect has this door to door campaign?

It is very very effective because Nigerians are wise now. This year’s election isn’t going to be about party, it will be about individuals who got capacity, competent.

How do you intend to represent the people of Lagos West senatorial district?

The New Lagos-West district will be purposefully driven anchored by the “office of the citizens” which is the public highest office of our nation.

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This would be achieved by well organized town hall meetings and other innovative interactive means through which the people will get to express themselves on their expectations and ideas geared towards making our Senatorial zone & State at large a better one for all.

Am on a mission, to take away power from the Hawks and return it to my people. My vision is long ranged and very simple. Honour to God and care for my people.
through Legislation.

What are your plans for women and youths?

My Mission to the Senate is to free the good people of Lagos West from sociopolitical slavery through Cognitive Legislation.

I will defend the Rights of Women, Youths and Children in Nigeria not just in my district. Schemes specifically tailored to empower the youths with competitive skills will be provided if elected.

What is your word to other contestants and the electorate?

I wish other Contestants would shun politics of calumny rather they should make it issue based.
To the electorates, social media noise will not have any effect on the outcome of this election if you don’t vote. So make sure you vote!


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