Ikorodu Potholes

There is an Igbo proverb which says that whenever a child is crying and at the same time, pointing towards a particular direction, if the mother is not there, the father is there.

The deplorable state of roads in Ikorodu is something that I and of course, any concerned citizens residing in the area will not stop talking about, until they are adequately attended to.

At present, the sufferings of motorists and residents have not yet been alleviated even with the dry weather because of how bad the roads are.

As soon as you leave Ikorodu garage inward Ijede road, you will understand perfectly, what

BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru Ikorodu Potholes
BACKLASH With Prisca Sam-Duru Ikorodu Potholes

residents went through while there were downpours. From there up to Itamaga, towards Elepe, to AP, One Fold bustop, Ewuowa/Fomon filling station along Gberigbe road, were and are still death traps. As I’ve mentioned times without number on different platforms that while motorists searched for routes to get to Ikorodu garage or get to Agura from Ikorodu garage, there were several diversions through the streets. Now, you need to see how terrible the diversions left the streets; they are now worse than the major roads. And if the rains should meet these areas as they are, I’m wondering how people will be able to get to the bus stops from their homes.

While the rains were here and heavy before now, some of the very bad spots mentioned above, turned into ‘rivers’; the worst being what has been tagged ‘River Ewu Owa’. But thank God who has in His infinite Goodness and Mercy permitted a dry weather for weeks now, causing the river to shrink into a small stream.

So now, what in the world is the Lagos State government waiting for before starting work on the roads in these areas? Even if they are not ready to commence full road rehabilitation, they can at least, start patching up the very bad spots. Soon, the rains will return and does it mean that we will begin weeping and gnashing our teeth again? That will be most dreadful!

These roads have killed so many businesses. We spend more out of limited fund on transportation. Many whose offices are located outside Ikorodu have lost their jobs, for constantly arriving late at work. Some resorted to going through the sea to beat traffic but have had to pay dearly in cash or with their lives as they either fell into the hands of ritualists for coming home late or drowned in the sea. Even health wise, sitting in the vehicle for more than two or three hours for a journey that is not supposed to last for more than fifteen minutes, surely, has its toll on a person’s health.

In the photo above, you will see two large vehicles that are stuck. That spot is the ‘Ewu Owa stream’ opposite Fomon filling station, Gberigbe and that happened yesterday Friday 16th August, 2019. Those are the type of vehicles that can dare go through the ‘Ewu Owa river’ now turned stream, yet it is a nightmare for them because they usually contract other heavy duty vehicles to tow them out. The story has been the same since the roads became very bad. Nothing less than eight vehicles got trapped on that very spot, two days ago. I’ve also included a video showing youths numbering more than twelve, trying to push a small vehicle out of the ‘River Ewu Owa’, while it rained.

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Isn’t this break the perfect time to begin to patch up these roads? Every day we see people from Ikorodu Local Government coming to take photos and what they do with the photos is what we can’t say.  Also, every day we hear over the news that Lagos State government will begin work on…please we know it is true that you will begin work on the roads, but we do not want to hear that anymore. Now we want to see. Yes! We want to see the work begin!! All we want to see, I mean see is work starting and going on, on the roads from Ikorodu garage straight to Agura Gberigbe and eventually, completed.

Ikorodu Potholes

I have heard that there are some areas such as Ikeja where work is ongoing on the roads; this is great news but Please, Pease and please, Governor Sanwo-Olu  kindly focus on Ikorodu roads and other hinterlands as well. Do not let the rains come back and resuscitate the streams into becoming seas again. We might not be able to bear it. Thank you!


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