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I got initiated in Prison —22-year-old suspected cultist

By Lolo Ayaba

A 22-year-old cultist who is currently being investigated by the Special Anti- cultism squad (SACS) Lagos state police command, has revealed how he was initiated into cultism at the prison.

” My name is Ahmed Usman and I am 22years old, am from Offa in kwara state. I was fighting in Ajegunle, that was why I ended up in prison and they gave birth to me in Ajegunle.

I have spent one month in the prison. I was initiated in the prison because I did not have food to eat and the prison is located at Badagry. And my family don’t come to visit me because they said that it is too far for them to come.

They asked me in prison the cult that I belonged to but I told them that I did not belong to any cult group.

I got initiated in Prison —22-year-old suspected cultist
I got initiated in Prison (The suspects)

The number one there asked me if I can join Arobaga and I said yes because he said that if I join Arobaga that he is going to be giving me food to eat and I did not have any option so I joined. Tell me about your experience in the prison? The prison is not good at all, the water we drink and the water we use to take our bath is not clean at all.

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I came back from the prison last year . In a week I go for operations twice and I make like 40,000 or 60,000. We snatch people’s bag from okada and we don’t have target we just snatch anybody’s bag, sometimes the bag we snatch might even be empty. The highest money I have seen in someone’s bag is 120,000.

And since when I have been snatching people’s bag I have never been caught and we are four that do go for the operation. When they heard that they have arrested me they ran away.

We don’t discuss where we want to operate, we just operate anywhere. When someone is walking on the road and pressing his or her phone, I will drag the bag from the person. We are four friends and it is one okada that will carry us and the okada man is also part of us.

Since when I have been arrested I feel so bad and I have children .My children are five and three years old. My wife doesn’t know the kind of work I do because I told her that I follow trailer and now that she has found out about it I feel so bad.


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