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Finland contributes most to greater good of humanity – Soini

By Vera Anyagafu

Finland Foreign Affairs Minister, Timo Soini, has expressed deep satisfaction over the recent recognition of his country by the Good Country Index, saying Finland ranked first in the Good Country Index published January 23 2019.

The results of the Index according to Soini, is an indication that, relative to its size, Finland contributes more to humanity and burdens of the planet, less than any other country.

He noted that this is the fourth edition of the Good Country Index, which measures 153 countries’ performance and ranks them on the basis of their overall impact on the planet.

Finland contributes most to greater good of humanity - Soini
Finland contributes most to greater good of humanity – Soini (photo by Council of Europe)

In the recent Index, Finland rose from fourth place to the top. The other leading countries are Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. This is an excellent recognition. Finland is a good, down-to-earth country and we are a reliable partner in international fora. Our performance is the result of consistent work and I witness it in my work on a daily basis. The recognition is good for Finland’s internal discussion and atmosphere. Let’s be proud of ourselves for a moment and let’s continue to pursue even better results,” Minister Soini added.

Speaking also, the Founder, Good Country Index (GCI), MR. Simon Anholt, who is also Head of the Index, a.k.a, the creator of the country brand concept, said the first edition of the Good Country Index was launched in 2014 in a TED Talk.

“The recording of the launch event has been viewed on the internet for over 5.5 million times, and it has been voted the 5th most inspiring TED Talk ever”, Simon commented.

However, the Good Country Index looks at 35 criteria, based on data produced by the United Nations and other international organisations.

The criteria is expected to produce each country’s “balance sheet”, which shows if the country burdens mankind or if it contributes to the common good of humanity and Finland, which is now in first place, ranks best in terms of its journal exports, number of patents, freedom of movement, press freedom, cyber security, refugees generated, environmental agreements and compliance, including open trading, FDI outflows, and food aid.

Also notable is the fact that the 35 criteria of the Index are divided into contributions to seven categories, namely, Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality, in addition to Health and Wellbeing.

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After the countries have been analysed, each of them will receive scores on each indicator relative to all other countries measured and corrected for the country’s GDP.

In view of the foregoing, Foreign Affairs Minister ,Timo Soini, will stand to receive the Finland recognition award at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


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