The change from military regime to democracy in Nigeria, was greeted by enthusiasm and so much hope for improved welfare for citizens, infrastructural development and holistic national development. It therefore, became pertinent to, as part of the democratic process, elect public officers to run and make the development a reality.

Sadly, these crop of Nigerians that are involved in elections are desperate set of politicians. It’s usually a do or die affair. Some media accounts buttress how desperate these politicians are to get power by all means.


For example, according to Premium Times an estimated 626 persons were killed across Nigeria in the six months between the start of the 2019 election campaign and the commencement of the general and supplementary elections. Furthermore, according to the report, the North-west region recorded the highest number of deaths with 172 killed during the elections, while the North-east followed with 146 fatalities. Also, the report revealed that the South-South and North-central had 120 and 111 fatalities respectively. Sixty-three people were killed in the South-west, while 14 were killed in the South-east.

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Similarly, according to the Punch, the elections in Kogi and Bayelsa States’ Governorship elections as well as the Kogi West Senatorial re-run held on Saturday 16th Novemeber, 2019, were characterised by violence, shootings, killings, vote-buying,  ballot box snatching and voter intimidation. Many polling units across the two states experienced tension created by political thugs. It was also reported that four people were killed in Kogi during the election by political thugs while many were injured in Bayelsa where peace took flight as a result of electoral violence

Nigeria has a gene of desperation in her.

These politicians are so wired with a desperate nature. It is often said that Nigeria’s politics is dirty, a do or die, and also for survival of the fittest. Nigeria’s politics can be likened to a desperate bank robber who will go to any length to be fully equipped to rob the bank successfully. The desperate nature drives these politicians to bamboozle the citizen with all manner of lies and deceptions in form of campaign promises. In the same vein, because they are desperate to win, you see them distributing rice and other items, just to capitalise on the needs of the people to win the elections. Honestly, in developed countries, I have never seen a country that shares rice or money to win elections. What about the election kidnapping? It was reported that some elections officials were kidnapped in a desperate bid to rig the election. Desperation!

The desperate nature has been cascaded to every aspect of this country.

What about religious leaders? Even the Bible enlightened us expressly about false prophets that will arise. Nigeria is adjudged a country with one of the highest number of churches in the world, with the most religious people in the world. There are Pastors and Imams who in a bid to come out of poverty and gain fame, decide to call themselves into the ministry just because of monetary gain. They are so eloquent. They speak sweet words of encouragement, motivations and prophesies just in a desperate bid to milk the congregations dry. They are desperate to live large, they are desperate to get that respect accorded to religious leaders. Others deploy diabolical means to make sure their church or mosque becomes large. They believe that the more the congregation, the more the money to be made, and the richer and influential they become.  Desperation!

What about Parents?


You see parents who enrol their kids in a special centre in spite of their children’s academic deficiency. Instead of working tirelessly on how their kids will be better academically, they are desperate to see their children succeed even with an empty head. Their desperation has however made these kids to become a liability instead of an asset.

The last has not been heard of the Yahoo guys who desperately want to get rich quickly without a commensurate hard work. Recently I was speaking with one of my friends who was in the same university with me, he told me how the one time serious faculty in the school is now infested with students turned yahoo guys who now drive exotic cars. They are no more serious about excelling academically, but desperate about getting rich quicker than they are destined to.

The news went viral of how the popular fraudster, Mustapha, a self-acclaimed bureau de change operator, and his alleged Lebanese associate, Hamza Koudeih, laundered N14 billion and N19 billion between them, respectively, in suspected loot from their victims on the Internet.

According to Premium Times, Mr Mustapha, widely known as Mompha, had 51 bank accounts in Nigeria and used them to buy properties in Dubai and had laundered about N14 billion through a firm. His accomplice, Koudeih, also has two firms with which he has allegedly laundered about N19 billion.

In the same vein, according to the Guardian, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arraigned 60-year-old Charles Jide-Oni, who claimed to be a professor at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife, Osun State, at a Federal High Court, Lagos, for allegedly obtaining money under false pretence. Ibadan zonal office of EFCC arraigned the professor and 12 internet fraudsters, otherwise called Yahoo boys, before Justice Nicholas Oweibo at the Federal High Court on Wednesday. Also, the Benue State zonal office reportedly arrested 48 fraudsters and other criminal suspects who had been duping unsuspecting members of the public since January.

Jide-Oni’s arraignment was sequel to EFCC’s findings on illegal financial outfit he floated through which he allegedly swindled his victims of several millions of Naira.

Hmmnn! the internet and media are flooded with news about internet fraudsters, and loads of criminal elements who are in desperate quest to get rich by all means.  You see false wealth splashed everywhere which prompts a lot of Nigerians to become even more desperate.


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There wouldn’t be any problem if the young ones who are desperate to be wealthy are committed to doing the right things; turn this desperate nature to intense preparation, fortification and training for that place they are keen to get to.

Dubai and other great countries have desperate leaders who are also desperate to have development that will make their country a force to be reckoned with among comity of nations.

Nigeria should have become a better place if our leaders can deploy their desperate traits to national development. Imagine our leaders desperate in developing this country and making it a better place for all to live in, this will indeed, be an incredible thing.

Only be positively desperate!




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