BRICS meets mutual interest, positive outcomes- Maoming

By Vera Anyagafu

The Consul General of the Peoples’ Republic of China in Lagos, Mr. Chu Maoming has described the recently concluded 11th Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa (BRICS) summit as rewarding and complete success, having reached a broader consensus with positive outcomes.

Maoming said this in a statement that detailed the essence and benefiting outcomes of the meeting with Chinese President, H.E. Xi Jinping, held 13th and 14th November, 2019, with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, in Brazilian capital, Brasilia.

He stated that, the summit, themed ‘Economic Growth for an Innovative Future’, held at a time crucial developments are taking place in the world economy and international landscape, informed reasons President Xi and his counterparts of the BRICS members to make a collective voice to safeguard multilateralism and support free trade, as well a offer more solutions to advance BRICS pragmatic cooperation, cope with global challenges, and promote world peace and common development.

“The summit turns out to be a complete success. The leaders of the BRICS countries exchanged views on BRICS cooperation and other major international issues of mutual interest, reaching broad consensus and positive outcomes. To summarize, this summit sent out four clear and positive messages of significance to global peace and development.

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First, was support to multilateralism, which expects that international issues must be addressed by all stakeholders through consultation, not by one or a few countries alone.

“During this summit, parties undertake to demonstrate BRICS countries’ sense of responsibility, take a lead in championing and practicing multilateralism, uphold the UN-centered international system, increase the representation of emerging markets and developing countries in global governance, and be pacesetters in reforming global governance system and making the international order more equitable and reasonable”, Maoming stated.

The second he called the opposition to protectionism, where parties reiterated they will uphold the WTO-centered multilateral trading regime and maintain a fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment and call on all WTO members to refrain from taking unilateral and protectionist measures.
In other words, all parties are committed to making development a core priority in global macro policy framework, to helping developing countries to better integrate into the global value chain and industrial chain, and to building an open world economy.

Thirdly, is objection to foreign intervention.

Mr Chu Maoming (Right), with Brazil Consul General, Jair Messiah Bolsonaro
Mr Chu Maoming (Right), with Brazil Consul General, Jair Messiah Bolsonaro

In this case, he stated that, all parties reaffirmed their commitment to the UN Charter purposes and principles and the international order based on international law, support for countries’ independent choice of development path, mutual respect for sovereignty, and opposition to foreign interference and violation of international law. They underscored that disputes should be addressed through dialogue and that they will play a greater role in safeguarding international strategic security and stability.

Greater solidarity and cooperation within BRICS, which the CG said is the fourth significance of the massage, informs all parties to demonstrate their resolve to seek common development through joint efforts, reiterated their readiness to build on the BRICS spirit of openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, as well as enhance the five countries’ traditional bonds of friendship, strengthen BRICS cooperation mechanisms, deepen cooperation in the three pillar areas, namely economic, trade and financial cooperation, political and security cooperation, and people-to-people exchange, in addition to working for new progress in the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution to boost the quality economic development of BRICS countries.

However, the CG went further to state that, the summit adds stability to the international landscape at a critical juncture, points the way forward for the international system undergoing profound transformation, injects positive energy into the concerned international community and provides new impetus to deepening practical BRICS cooperation.

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“We hope BRICS countries will join hands and embark on a second ‘Golden Decade’, making greater contributions to world peace and development and to building a community with a shared future for mankind”, he added.

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